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Get instant feedback from your customers with real-time SMS surveys.

Engage your customers immediately after their purchase using SMS surveys which have more than 15x higher completion rate than email surveys.

Receive SMS alerts about unhappy customers in real-time, so you can step in and correct a negative experience as it's happening.

Turn happy customers into social media shout-outs and positive online reviews.

smiling face Works through SMS.
pos Send SMS surveys automatically after a purchase is made.
real time Real-time results.
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“I love the immediacy of the system. I can get a notification about a dissatisfied customer at 8:00pm and by 8:02pm a manager has contacted the customer to resolve the issue.”

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Capture customer reactions in real-time.

Servmetrics records customer satisfaction in the moment through a quick, engaging SMS survey, giving you the chance to address issues immediately. Every customer experience is displayed in your Servmetrics dashboard in real-time.


Stop negative customer experiences in their tracks.

The vast majority of dissatisfied customers will never contact you about their unhappiness, but they will tell their friends. Servmetrics captures unhappy experiences in real-time and notifies you so you can step in and save the day.


Convert positive experiences into social media shout-outs.

Servmetrics encourages happy customers to spread the word about your business. Through social media shout-outs and online reviews, Servmetrics drives new customers to your business and increases revenue.

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“Servmetrics is easy to use, but also very powerful. It takes no time to set up and the data it collects is incredibly valuable. The visibility into our customer reactions has changed the way we approach customer service.”

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The Process

Automatically capture customer information from an integration.
A quick and fun survey is sent via SMS after a customizable delay.
Customer reaction is recorded as either positive, neutral or negative from the survey.
If a customer is unhappy an SMS notification is sent immediately to you or someone on your team.
Happy customers are encouraged to share via social media or online review sites like Yelp.
Customer response data is recorded in your Servmetrics dashboard.