SMS Surveys for Restaurants
A Digital "Quality Check" for Delivery and Takeout

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Engage customers in real-time during their dining experience.

Ensure your customers are satisfied with real-time, highly engaging SMS customer surveys.

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Stop negative dining experiences in their tracks.

Unhappy customers want to vent. It’s better to let them vent to you directly than to vent on Yelp, Zomato or Trip Advisor.

Servmetrics sends real-time SMS notifications to your team about any unhappy customers, so you can contact them during their dining experience.

Studies and real-world results have shown that real-time intervention of negative dining experiences not only stops the negative experience, but delights the customer and greatly increases their loyalty.

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“I love the immediacy of the system. I can get a notification about a dissatisfied customer at 8:00pm and by 8:02pm a manager has contacted the customer to resolve the issue.”

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Turn happy customers into social media promoters.

Servmetrics lets your happy customers quickly and easily click through to your social media pages or online review sites, so they can share their experiences with others.


Easy to setup, easy to track.

Servmetrics integrates with popular POS and online ordering platforms, so you can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes with one of our current integration partners. Need a custom integration? We can work with you to integrate with whatever systems you are currently using.

Whether you have 10 locations or more than 1,000, Servmetrics lets you track and compare your customer satisfaction across all of your locations. Know how your new location or region manager is doing based directly on customer feedback, in real-time.

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“Servmetrics is easy to use, but also very powerful. It takes no time to set up and the data it collects is incredibly valuable. The visibility into our customer reactions has changed the way we approach customer service.”

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