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Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Ensure your customers are satisfied with real-time, highly engaging SMS customer surveys.

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Turn happy customers into social media shout-outs.

Happy customers will tell their friends, if you make it easy and convenient for them.

Servmetrics lets you turn that post-purchase bliss into positive online reviews and social media shout-outs by engaging your customers immediately after their purchase is made. Really happy customers want to talk about you, and Servmetrics makes that easy for them.

Not every shopping experience is perfect.

Shoppers are most likely to tell you about a negative experience immediately after it happens, and are most likely to leave happy if you contact them quickly to resolve it.

Servmetrics captures unhappy shopping experiences and sends you a notification so you can correct it in real-time, turning a potentially lost customer into a loyal one.

Actionable data.

Servmetrics captures all of your customer feedback so you can track it over time, and ensure that your store is being all that it can be.

By tracking multiple areas of customer satisfaction, like shopping experience and breadth of selection, you can gain valuable insight into what your customers think, and how you can improve to keep them coming back.

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